At YOGA C0 we like to keep things simple; 

our goal is finding Meditation thru Movement,

recognising that every Body & Mind is different. 


Our vision is Meditation can be found by developing the ability to be Present within the space between each Breath.

One class is all it takes to TRANSFORM the way you FEEL,

the way you BREATHE and the way you MOVE. 


Corporate & Private Classes also available

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Yogi resting on hand and feet in balance
Power Yoga

A modern take on practice of Yoga asana (poses), Power Yoga is a strong Vinyasa style, moving to breath & flowing more quickly between poses than other styles.


Our Classes are Heated 26-30 degrees - but non-Heated are available in summer, and we have Classes suitable to all Levels.

This style is all about 

Meditation thru Movement

Close up of young woman practicing yoga,
Restorative Yoga

Designed to target the deeper connective tissue, Restorative Yoga offers asana (poses) is our modern take on Yin Yoga, with poses held for a longer period of time (1-3min), commonly in a seated or reclined position.

Classes are typically Heated to 28-34 degrees & we have Classes suited to all Levels. 

This style is perfect for Recovering athletes or shift workers. 

beautiful dancer jumping on a white isol
Movement Classes

Change things up with our take on Bodyweight BootCamp & Pilates.

Classes range from Early-Bird specials to 45min Sweat-Express, and some classes are even held in Local Parks & Wineries. 


Expect a challenging, but fun class - with a hint of Mindfulness, along with a full range of Movements.

These styles are a fun take on traditional Gym Style classes.